Todd Popeye Hall

​Gregory Truck McIntyre.

Sanford Wolverine Washington, Jr.,

Parliamentarian/Sergeant at Arms, Road Captain

Robert Slow Roller Thomas, Quartermaster

Stephanie Rising Fire Hunter

Lamar L-Dogg Stevens 


Rick Lightning Jenkins,

Past President, Charter Member

William Brother Jackson, Charter Member



Clyde Real Rider Frierson, Charter Member

Steve Sgt. D Dantzler, Secretary

Sylvan Sly Jonas


John Stillwaters Bradfield, President.


​Ron Bear Woodford


​​Barbara Lady B Dantzler.

Carl 4-Wars Carter,

​Past President

Denise Ms. Kitty Heard

Angelia Lady Rider 


​Esther Boss Lady Bradfield-Sunshine Committee Chairperson

David Tiger Stokes, Historian

Thomas Coop Cooper,

Departed September 19, 2014

May our Brother rest in peace.

Lamont Vader Johnson


During August, 2007, the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC) approved the establishment of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Ohio Mother Chapter in Kansas City, Kansas.  Starting a chapter in Ohio was contemplated several years before this date. Ultimately, the decision to form a chapter (in Cleveland, Ohio) was implemented, when Sam (Brother Gold) Mitcham, Conrad (Bald-d) Sneed, Charles (Big Dogg II) Brooks and William (Brother) Jackson became inspired during a Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Service in Washington, D.C.  Since then, this Club has grown in membership, while honoring the legacy, bravery and loyalty of the Buffalo Soldiers.  We practice, "One Club, One Patch, One Mindset".

We are the proud recipients of the
2014 Outstanding Large Chapter-Great Lakes Frontier Award;  2013 and 2012 Intermediate Great Lakes Chapter of the Year Award.

Currently, we have 25 full members and 5 associate members. 

If you are interested in learning how to become a member of this Chapter, please e-mail President Stillwaters at

Thanks for checking out our site!

​​​Carol  Jackson

German REV Womack, Jr.,


Lynnice Lady Candy Spikes

One Club, One Patch, One Mindset​​​​

​​Updated 04/11/17

​​Sheila Jenkins

​Departed August 10, 2016

​May our Sister rest in Peace


​Larry Shiek Ford

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club 0f ohio, inc.  

(Cleveland, ohio - mother chapter)